In this warranty letter we will try to explain as simply and clearly as possible what the Kashiwa engineered flooring warranty is.

Our team of experts from around the world strive to improve the quality of our product every day, but wood is a living material that reacts to every change in temperature and humidity in the room. We use a zero-defect program at every stage of production, but over time, engineered wood can behave in unpredictable ways. For example, the top valuable layer (lamella) may crack - and this is considered normal. A gap between the boards can appear - and this is also considered normal. A guarantee on wood is something not very correct, however, our relations with the client are absolutely transparent and they should be regulated by this letter.


Installation on a warm floor is possible, but the temperature on the regulator should not rise above 26 degrees Celsius. Any change in temperature should be done in 5 degree increments per day. We will not be able to guarantee our products when laid on a warm floor.

We use only oil in the painting of the board, we never paint the products with varnish, all so that you feel the wood and not the varnish film. We warranty our oil finish for 3 years, however with proper and easy care it will last you for decades. Oiled floors should not be cleaned with alkaline-containing products or just plain water. It is advisable to always add a little bit of oiled floor care product when wet cleaning.

Our engineering board should be laid on a level dry surface, whether it is a screed or a plywood base, only by gluing on elastic polyurethane glue. And the evenness of the surface should not be higher than a difference of 2 mm per 2 meters. The base must be thoroughly treated with parquet primer.


The structural integrity of the board is guaranteed for 5 years. This means that the lamella will not come off the plywood base.

The industry norm in the parquet business is not more than 5% defects, but if through our fault you received a defective product, we will immediately send you a replacement board.

Parquet works are done under the condition of normal humidity and at the very end of all repair works, after all works that can increase the humidity in the room, if this recommendation is violated - the warranty will not be considered valid.

All recommendations and warranty apply to residential use only.

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