Kashiwa engineered wood flooring care recommendations

In the production process of our engineered parquet flooring we use only UV curing Oil of CIRANOVA brand (Belgium). This modern, practical, environmentally friendly, strong, repairable flooring.

When cleaning daily, use dry methods such as vacuuming or mop.

For wet cleaning, use CIRANOVA FLOORING SOAP. This product is oil-based and is ideal for our flooring. For a good result it is enough to dilute 2−3 capsules per bucket of warm water. The more the floor is treated with this product, the better the protection against dirt.

In case of heavy dirt or stains, use CIRANOVA INTENSIVE CLEANER. Dilute 1 liter of Intensive Cleaner in 10 liters of warm water.
Apply the solution to the floor with a cloth in the direction of the wood fibers. If the floor is heavily soiled, a more concentrated Intensive Cleaner can be used. The floor should then be rinsed with clean water. It is recommended to remove stains as soon as possible. Too much friction can damage the flooring.


In case of severe scratches or if complete or localized repair is necessary, we recommend using special CIRANOVA MAINTENANCE OIL for surface renewal. It is a universal product for the care of all types of parquet floors coated with UV oil. Apply the oil in a thin layer. After application, allow the oil to soak in for a few minutes. Wipe with a clean, dry cloth. This method restores the coating to a close to new condition.

We recommend the use of foot mats at the entrance to the room. Sand and dirt are strong abrasives. They contribute to the wear and tear of the floor.

We recommend installing special felt pads on furniture to avoid marks and scratches from furniture.


Kashiwa engineered wood flooring recommendations

In the production of our engineered hardwood flooring, we follow the "Zero Defects" production rule at all stages. We do the industry maximum to ensure that our board is as stable and durable as possible. However, if not used properly, our product can be ruined. Here are some basic recommendations for use, similar to those for healthy human life:

Keep the room at the optimum humidity (40-60%) and temperature (15-25°C) for humans and parquet.

Use a hygrometer and thermometer for monitoring.

Ventilate the room regularly.


Recommendations for the use of Kashiwa engineered flooring on underfloor heating systems

In the production of our engineered parquet flooring, we do our best at all stages to ensure that our boards are as stable and durable as possible. However, if used incorrectly on a floor heating system, our product can be ruined.

Do not increase the floor surface temperature above 25°C.

All temperature changes of the floor heating system should be made in a gradual mode, in 3-5°C increments per day.

Do not allow large temperature differences between the floor and the room air.

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