Chevron3 - vinous

Prime grade - natural wood grain, tone variations are allowed, knots up to 1 cm
Rustic grade - variations in tone, knots up to 3 cm

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Oak lamella - 3mm


We coat the lamella in 3 layers with Belgian UV oil CIRANOVA, which is known to professionals all over the world. It is more practical than lacquer, easily restores in case of damage and does not require repair work. It is much more pleasant to the touch than lacquer - warm, velvety. And besides, it always smells of wood, oak. It requires easy care with special means. You can order all board care products on our website.

Oak lamella - 3mm

Oak is the best type of wood in terms of durability, aesthetics and price. We buy timber, harvest and process the wood ourselves using Japanese technology.

All our products have been certified in accordance with the requirements of JAS in Japan. We have successfully passed tests for wood quality, strength, glue quality, equipment, technology and other requirements.